Northville Horse and Recreation’s horses pull vintage sleighs along the wooded trails and through the fields of the 60-acre farm as riders take in the wintry scenery. After a 30 minute jaunt, participants can head to the club room and lounge by the fire with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Sleigh rides are usually held Friday, Saturday, and Sunday by appointment only.

Sleigh Ride Q&A

What is the process for making a reservation?

     1.  Email us at with the number in your party and requested    date.

     2.  We will respond within 24 hours and give availability for that date.

     3.  Schedule your appointment time with us and place a deposit.

     4.  We will respond with a confirmation.

Trail Conditions.  In addition to “good snow”, we also take trail conditions into account.  If we are able to run the sleds, we will, however if it is unsafe for our passengers or the horses we will cancel rides scheduled for the day.

Can we bring our own food or beverages on the sleigh?  No, NHR does not allow food or beverages on the sleigh.

Is alcohol permitted?  No, for insurance purposes we are unable to serve or allow alcohol to be consumed during sleigh rides.  NHR reserves the right to deny rides for any intoxicated riders.

What is the minimum age?  All riders over the age of one must have a seat. 

What if I have additional riders in my party?  Please contact us directly, we do allow add-ons if there is space available.  Add-ons are $50 per rider.

What should I wear?  NHR HIGHLY recommends wearing ski or snow pants.  We have blankets on the sleigh- hats, gloves and a warm jacket will make your ride more enjoyable!!